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September 2021 – Effective Communication

From spoken words and written text, to visual content and non-verbal body language, much of your waking hours is spent communicating with others. How you approach those interactions – what others hear in your voice, see in your words and feel when they are talking to you – plays a role in your success as a communicator. A positive attitude will invite positive results.

Of course, conversations are a two-way street. Listening to understand another person’s intended message is just as and sometimes even more important than what you have to say. Your ability to read the attitude of the other individual or group can help you adjust communication styles to make interactions more constructive and meaningful. 

Learning to communicate more effectively at work, on campus and at home can build trust, decrease conflict and boost your emotional wellbeing. Respectful, productive discussions with co-workers will promote better teamwork. Effective, efficient interactions with customers and vendors will impact their experiences and improve satisfaction. Balanced, considerate conversations with a partner, roommate, friend or your child can help you understand their point of view and strengthen your connection.

The SupportLinc flash course, Effective Communication, shares techniques and resources to help you successfully overcome barriers to communication. Watch the short video now.


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