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The extreme circumstances surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have directly impacted and altered our lives in ways we never could have imagined, from our physical health and safety to our financial wellbeing. These unique and unprecedented stressors are also driving emotional health concerns such as anxiety, stress, isolation and depression — all framed by an uncertainty of when life will get back to ‘normal’.

The following resources are available to help you navigate change with patience and understanding — and to continue to cope with new stressors in healthy ways.

Resilience Boosters

These short, guided exercises were selected to help you learn how to cope with negative feelings while strengthening your emotional health and resilience.

  • Meditation for Loneliness – this guided meditation to help you relax while feeling more connected and less lonely.
  • Relaxation for Coping – this guided relaxation exercise will help you cope with fears during times of increased stress.
  • Resilience Meditation – this guided exercise can help you feel more settled and calm as you learn to ‘go with the flow’ during stressful times.

Flash Courses

Short, educational modules to help cope with unique stressors and heightened emotions during this time.


  • Mental Health First Aid Toolkit Learn to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and other substance abuse disorders in yourself or others.
  • Meditation ToolkitTo help incorporate meditation into your daily routine, the Meditation Toolkit provides the necessary tools and resources to get started.
  • Mindfulness ToolkitUnderstand the concept of mindfulness and learn the most current information regarding the stress-relieving benefits and applications of this important practice.
  • Resilience ToolkitLearn how to bounce back from stress or adversity in a positive way by practicing resilience.

Additional Resources

Find downloadable tip sheets, articles, videos and other informative tools to help you be your best mentally, physical and emotionally. Simply type in the topic of choice in the “What’s on your mind?” search bar on the SupportLinc home page.

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